Aliita | Collection: Pura
Aliita - Pura


Relaxed, minimal, quirky yet elegant are the components of ALIITA's first capsule collection, started with the iconic “Casita”. Aliita's feelings Tu y yo “You and me”, a bi-baguette necklace which represents a feeling. Media Naranja, named after the spanish expression for “better half”, the collection aims to express the empathy and complicity.

Aliita - Media Naranja Ring
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Aliita - Gota Ring
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Aliita - Pura and Tu y Yo Necklaces
Corazon Esmeralda Necklace shop now
Opalo Rubi Necklace shop now
Tu y Yo Necklace shop now
Mini Nubecita Necklace shop now
Aliita - Tu y Yo Bracelet
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Aliita - Pura mood
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Aliita - Pura tennis
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Aliita - Media Naranja Citrino Necklace
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Aliita - Trio green tourmaline and diamond Earrings
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Aliita - scaletta
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